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April 24, 2020
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May 21, 2020

Who says staging your home is only for selling?

Imagine that you were relocated for work and had to move. Since you hired a decorator in your current home, you want to bring all of the beautiful decor which you have to the new house. Great idea, the only thing is…the layout of the new home is completely different!

This is the reason why, we will call him Andy, contacted OPO Interiors. 

Before of Andy’s Decorating Project

Andy moved from an open concept condo to a rustic row-home in Federal Hill, Baltimore. He had a decorator help him at his previous home resulting in tons of fantastic pieces of artwork, decor, and way too many furnishings for the size of the new home. When we arrived at Andy’s house, the first things we saw was the charming wooden ceiling beams and exposed brick walls. As we toured the home some more, we found two sofas in the small upstairs bedroom (plus the one downstairs in the living room), a huge stack of artwork on the floor of the living room, and decor for days. Since everything was in such great condition, he had no clue which pieces to sell or donate, where to hang artwork, or how to set up the rooms with the utmost of functionality.

OPO set to work moving pieces around, “This piece of artwork should go on that wall,” “This sofa needs to be sold.” OPO started finding commonalities in each of the pieces, the color scheme that should be pulled from the decor that he had, and the layout of the rooms. Very minimal extra pieces were needed, basically some window treatments, a rug, and the birch wood for the fireplace. Below are the results:

After of Andy’s decorating project.

Our next scenario, we have the Brooke’s. With two elementary school-aged boys, they wanted the kid’s rooms to be able to grow with them. The eldest’s boys room had most of what they needed already so with a shift of furniture here and there and a new side table, the room instantly felt a little more at ease.

He had a big lego collection (with more on the way) and he wanted to proudly display his creations. He also needed some storage solutions for his books and other toys. The Brooke’s were a “DIY” kind of family, so OPO Interiors drew out a diagram and sent some shopping links for a few shelves to place on the walls and some bins to store toys in the cabinets below his desk.

Photo sent by the Brooke’s to show the eldest son’s room after they purchase and installed items suggested by OPO Interiors.

For their younger sons bedroom, they needed a floor plan for the layout of furnishings and storage ideas for stuffed animals and books. OPO Interiors sent over a birds-eye layout for the furniture to have optimum flow and function, as well as some links to pieces of furniture that would work perfectly for their storage needs. Here is the before, as well as the after photo that the Brooke’s sent over to show OPO when they were completed with their project:

Before photo (1) of younger sons bedroom.

Before photo (2) of the Brooke’s younger sons bedroom.


After photos, courtesy of the client, of Brooke’s youngest sons room after OPO Interiors suggestions.

After OPO suggestions, the client sent over these photos.

When staging peoples homes, we often hear, “I wish I could stay, I don’t want to sell it now!” Why would you not make the jump while you can actually enjoy the beauty that you’ve invested in?

We all deserve a sanctuary to relax in, no better day than today to start working towards that dream. Call OPO Interiors today (443) 812-1806

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