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April 24, 2020
June 4, 2020

What You Need to Create the Perfect Outdoor Space

With all of the advancements and options of outdoor furniture, we should think of our back yards as an extension of the home. Creating a comfortable and cozy atmosphere outside is easier now than ever. In this blog, we’ll go over a few staples to complete your outdoor getaway (that’s not so far away from home)!

If there’s one thing to splurge on, it should be your seating. There are high-end companies that sell beautiful outdoor furnishings that truly make it feel like your home had an addition put on to it. The chairs featured on this concept board are from the Hampton line at Arhaus. If you think they are beautiful in this photo, wait until you see the detail on the back of these chairs—absolutely gorgeous. 

There’s nothing like a well-lit patio. There are so many choices of lighting, from a string of Edison bulb lights to a beautiful chandelier, you can set the mood instantly with a flick of a switch. The jute chandelier from Burke Decor that is featured on this concept board is the perfect touch of formal for your outdoor space. 

Planning out the design of the containers in a garden is often overlooked when creating the outdoor space. We tend to collect these vessels over the years which can cause a chaotic and cluttered look, if not executed correctly. If you feel that your containers and flower pots aren’t cutting it, remember my super affordable and easy DIY helper, spray paint! There are so many color options that are perfect for flower pots. They even have a bunch of texture spray paints like this one which will give your flower pot an appearance of stone. A quick coat or two, and you’ve got yourself a brand new set of containers! 

Finally, there is nothing quite like snuggling up outside with a cozy blanket on a cool spring evening. Having a few throws and pillows around completely changes the vibe of your surroundings. There are plenty of outdoor pillow options, however, I would opt for a weatherproof storage trunk to hold your blankets and pillows when you’re not using them. 

With these staples, you’re bound to impress your friends as you lounge in the new extension of your home! 

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