Styling Services

Step 1: Discovery Call

If you have a room that leaves you feeling overwhelmed and anxious, or you’re moving into a new space and you're not sure where to start, I will create the beautiful and functional space that you’ve always dreamt of through an easy and streamlined process.

Whether you’re looking to complete a total interior makeover or refresh and accessorize an existing space, I’ll guide you through the following steps to figure out if one of my consultations is best for your project needs or if you’d be better off with an ala carte service.

Workplace with phone with empty screen, top view

Step 2: The Consultation

For larger projects, I'll recommend that we schedule one of my consultations where we will discuss; the scope of work for each room,
develop an in-depth plan of action broken down into phases, and have a style-coaching session to dig into the look and feel you desire.

Click on the boxes below to review the consultations offered, and let's start designing!

Ala Carte Services

Not sure which service is right for you? No worries!
We will discuss your project during our Discovery Call, and I'll guide you as to which service is best for what you're looking to accomplish.