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Owner & Operator, Interior Stylist

Hi! I'm Christie Bell, owner of OPO Interiors. My business officially started in April of 2017, exactly one year after the passing of my father.

When my dad passed away after battling Multiple Sclerosis for many years, my brother and I were grieving a huge loss, and we also had the task of clearing out my father's estate. It was a difficult time, to say the least. With a newfound empathy for people who were going through similar situations, I realized that I could help ease their stresses during these hard transitional times. I decided to change my career path and start my company Orchid Professional Organizing which later transitioned into OPO Interiors as I expanded services.

Since then, I set out to acquire many certificates on different types of organizing strategies to assist my clients. My services ranged from helping clients pack and unpack their homes for a move to assisting small businesses to categorize their inventories and create filing systems. I knew I was out there, making my dad proud.

However, my desire to help my clients feel inspired by their space didn't stop there.
I've always loved interior decorating, even as a child I would rearrange all of the furniture in my home. Since I was already helping people organize their homes before a sale, and I had this connection to decorating, it was only natural for me to set out for my Staging and Redesign certification.

When my clients and colleagues got word of my new education, they sought me out to help them prepare and stage their homes to put on the market.

My staging clients loved how their homes looked when on the market and started calling me to ask if I would decorate their new home as well. Let me tell you; I fell in love!

I would brim with passion and excitement every time that I had the opportunity to design a space that spoke my client's personality. I wanted to learn more, so I began to study for my International Decorating and Design certification right away.

Which brings us to current times where I live and breathe interiors! I adore everything about the process, from the initial phone call where I get to walk the uncertain client through my process and ease their fears, to the intake assessment where I learn all of the details and ideas for their space (this is where my creativity takes off!)

My most favorite part of all?

The look and words of admiration and surprise when the client walks into their new space… That is what makes my world turn.
Christie Bell, owner of OPO Interiors has received her Certification's as an International Design and Decorating Professional and International Color Consultant.
Additionally, she’s a Certified Professional Coach, has received her NAPO Residential and Workplace Productivity Certificates, and is a current member of NAPO Baltimore.