About OPO Interiors


Owner & Operator, Interior Stylist

Hi, I'm Christie, the owner of OPO Interiors, and I would love to tell you the story of how I got started!

I worked in the childcare industry for ten years while taking care of my father, who had Multiple Sclerosis. I loved working with the kiddos; every day was filled with creativeness. I also adored the time that I had with my dad. While his disability brought up many challenges, the solutions to those challenges taught me skills that unknowingly prepped me to be an entrepreneur. As his disease progressed, my brother and I moved my father's bed into the living room to accommodate a more manageable living situation. After the adjustment, I started to organize and clean other areas in the home while spending time with him. Little did I know how much this would change my future.

In the spring of 2016, my father passed away. It was an incredibly heartbreaking and overwhelming time in my life; he was one of my best friends.

My brother and I were left with the task of clearing out and selling my father's estate; in doing so, I realized how much the organizing that I had already processed was helping to ease this burden. That's when it all "clicked!" I had my purpose; I would help others who were going through hard times in their lives by assisting them through organizing.

The paperwork came in, making my LLC official precisely one year to date of my father's passing, a bittersweet day, to say the least. In April of 2017, I set out to make my father more proud than he could ever imagine by running my own business.

From there, the business morphed and grew.

I enrolled in a program to become a certified professional coach, building a skill set that I use to this day with my clients. (I've recently included a style-coaching session into my design consultations to help my clients feel confident and excited about the design they are investing in by unlocking their inspiration within.)

Many of my clients were preparing their homes for sale, so it was only natural that I take a course to be certified as a home stager allowing me to learn how to take what people had in their homes and rearrange and downsize to get them " market-ready." In doing so, many of my clients fell back in love with their homes all over again! I had many inquires to assist them with decorating their new home, and boy, did I fall in love!

That was the point in my life where I found my true passion. I should've always known since I was constantly rearranging my family's living spaces as a child, had a huge adoration for the computer game The Sims, and would always go to my friend's houses to rearrange their bedrooms for a new look. I knew instantly that I needed to dive in and educate myself in this industry, so I set out to receive certificates as an International Color Consultant and Decorating and Design Professional.

During the lockdown of the pandemic, I made the difficult decision to cut my organizing services to concentrate on what I loved more than anything, decorating and designing spaces that would change people's everyday lives!

Bringing us to the present day, I adore what I do. I've created a business to help people change how they live daily through creativity and genuinely getting to know them; what more could I ask for?
Christie Bell, owner of OPO Interiors has received her Certification's as an International Design and Decorating Professional and International Color Consultant.
Additionally, she’s a Certified Professional Coach, has received her NAPO Residential and Workplace Productivity Certificates.